Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wow Today i worked hard

I took turbo kick today taught by the talented Chalene Johnson! I love her class but today my friend Joel told me to move up to the front row well it was almost the front row because I am fierce! I said no way! well that was the last spot left so I was stuck! If you do not know who Chalene Johnson is you need to google it because she is in all the infomercials asking you to get fit with her programs turbo jam, chalene extreme and turbo fire! SO its a bit overwhelming being up front in her class because you need to bring it! So I brought it! My friend Joel was high fiving me the whole class and then I turned around and mirrored him so I can practice for when I audition for 24 hr fitness and i thought it was going to be hard to mirror but it was so easy! it was a rush too because i could see my friend getting tired and I just said you are not tired! you can keep going! Do not give up! yea the inner instructor waiting to come out of me just started motivating my friend and it was great! I then took the hip hop hustle afterward and it was so fun! I then took the kids to the grocery store to get some lunch meat for sandwiches, we came home had lunch and the kids were wanting to watch toy story three so i was like ok. i put the movie on for them in their room and then I sat on teh couch to watch the news and i woke up to inside edition and that comes on @ 330 and i was watching the 2pm news. I have not napped since i was prego with my twins. it felt good but tonight i am hitting the hay early!

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