Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Got Acne? My daughter does and she is getting to try X-out!

Yes I have a teenaged daughter.  And you know what that means right?  Hormones, drama and even worse.... ACNE! Yes my daughter gets breakouts and when they are apparent they are not pretty at all.  My daughter gets breakouts not only on her face but on her shoulders and back as well which makes going to the pool in the summertime seem as bad as going to the dentist to get a root canal!

My daughter has been using some cleansers from name brands that you find at target that just have not seemed to help with the acne.  I took her to the doctor and they wanted us to try out a prescription acne medication but the opportunity to try the X Out product that is from the same makers of ProActiv came along and here we are! Even though ProActiv and X Out are related the two are very different. 

My daughter is anxious to test out this new product that is a one step product for busy lifestyles like hers.  The thing that kept her from trying out a great product like ProActiv was the multiple steps involved which meant time and energy my teen did not want to put forth her effort into.  X Out on the other hand is a one step system that is designed to be on the skin for 2 minutes total and you do it twice a day which could be once in the morning and right before bedtime.  The makers at X Out got smart about the 2 minute timing too.  The bottle has a funky looking purple square that is a code for your smartphone to read that will take your teen to a 2 minute video of something that is long enough for the product to be on the skin and entertain the brain!   How cool is that? I am a bit jealous because I want the product for myself but she is the one trying it out so we shall see what she thinks about it. 

Also X Out has 8.5 % benzoyl peroxide in it along with exfoliating beads in it along with a moisturizing complex that will get rid of the dirt and grime without stripping your skin of the good stuff.  Which is pretty cool because I was apprehensive about things with benzoyl peroxide for that very reason.

My daughter is amp'd up to try this out to get rid of her zits with something that takes very little time and effort to use.  Plus she has never used a QR reader on her phone so this is something new and cool to her because of her new phone. 

This is a photo of my daughter and her skin issues.  I will update a new photo in 4 weeks.  In the meantime, check out X Out. 

“I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of X Out and received a X Out product sample to facilitate my review, one to giveaway, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

Friday, February 17, 2012

Last Chance to see Monster Jam in the Los Angeles Area

If you missed out on seeing Monster Jam at the Honda Center.  You have one more shot at seeing the 30th Anniversary of the Grave Digger at the Part in the Pits.

From my previous post:
     And this year is better than last year because the party in the pits is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Grave Digger! woot woot! We love the Grave Digger! This will feature a historic timeline from the time Grave Digger started to its rise to fame it is today! There will also be vintage attractions and limited edition merchandise like the Grave Diggers 30th anniversary DVD.  Tickets for the pit party are just 10 dollars each and can be purchased at the stadium!  Also part of the celebration is 30th Anniversary merchandise available where Monster Jam products are sold!

So what are you waiting for?  February 18th at the Dodgers Stadium is the last chance to catch all the rip roaring action with all your favorite Monster Jam rides!