Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mamavation monday Feb 21 2011

OK so now that i have been taken out of the campaign I feel ok about posting to the blog. Sorry I have been MIA for a couple weeks but a girl has to lick her wounds and take up a few TKB classes to get the anger out! So this week's blogging carnival question is : Question: What motivates you to get going and what keeps you going?

Well what motivates me are my kids and husband to get me going to the gym when i feel like slacking off of my workouts. What is funny is my husband will push me out of the house with keys and my gym bag and told me something like if you dont get to the gym, you have to clean the kitchen (which is thrashed because he makes a mess when he cooks) I gladly leave the house to get away from the insanity of 4 kids ranging in ages 2-12 years old plus the husband. you would think getting some ME time would be a driving force all on its own but sadly no. What keeps me motivated? knowing that my body is shrinking keeps me motivated because I have a ton of cute clothes that i have finally been able to wear and they have been in a box since my first trimester with the twins. Also knowing that i am on my way to a healthier new me is something that keeps me motivated. What is funny is my son has autism and in school they have been talking about how sugar turns to bubbly fat. So we were at fresh and easy market for the grand opening celebration and we walked down an aisle where there was a overweight person like over 300lbs and he had to open his mouth and say sugar turns to bubbly fat! Yeah i wanted to hide under a bag of rice or something because i was so embarassed! I DIE! But my son keeps me motivated too because he told me I was fat! My son has no filter due to his disability but sometimes i think its a gift in disguise because i do not want him so say that about me. I want him to be proud of his mom winning the battle of the bulge and not becoming a statistic. So I am leaving you with the same question to answer: What gets you motivated and what keeps you motivated?
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Missed the Action in Anaheim for Monster jam?

Well So cal Monster Jam fans! Never Fear! They are going to Dodgers Stadium for the first time ever! February 19 2011 and I am here to hook you up with a code to get some tickets at a discounted rate the code is "mommy".  We had so much fun! WE got to hang out at the pit party where you could get autographs from drivers and see the trucks up close and personal! When the pit party came to an end, we went to find out seats in the stadium and it was my first monster jam ever along with my kids and I can say if you go, get some ear protection for your kiddos because it was LOUD but it was fun! I purchased three sets of earplugs for a buck a pair and I did not want to get up out of my seat because the race was exciting! I had never seen the Grave digger legend truck on tv so that was cool to see it make its California debut.  If you have kids and they love trucks whether they are a girl or a boy, Monster jam is a must see event! It was a party for all to enjoy! Thank you to Feld entertainment for giving us tickets to see this show and to the pit party as well :)

the links to remember are Monster Jam  and while you are there do not forget to sign up for the birthday club and then like them on facebook too!