Friday, February 12, 2010

What do our kiddos not want to miss out on while they are sick ?

If you did not already know, it is the flu season and you know what that means, sick kiddos spreading the germs throughout their daycares and schoolrooms across the country.  Anyway, since my son Aidan started school we all have been sick and it was no fun.  I know the one thing my son kept asking when I kept him home from school was "I want to go to school!  I miss my friends!"  Then when he went back to school, I picked him up before thanksgiving break and all the kids had these pilgram hats on except my son Aidan because he was home sick and he was in tears because he did not have a hat!

How do we prevent the flu virus?  Well the clorox company has a facebook page where you can find useful information and tips on how to prevent the flu from keeping you or your kiddos home and missing out on those important days :  here is an excerpt from that facebook page :  How many days did your students miss this flu season? At The Clorox Company, we know how important each moment is in school – and it starts with preventing the flu. That’s why we’re partnering with former American Idolfinalist Danny Gokey on a video contest that sings the praises of flu prevention. Your school could win a private music class!

Yes you read that right, the clorox company is having a contest called I don't want to miss.  here is the info on that contest:
The Clorox Company is calling on school musical groups nationwide to develop a video performance of a song written by Berklee College of Music student Will Wells on what teens would not want to miss out on if they were home sick and why prevention is important. School groups are encouraged to be creative and put their own spin on the song. Download song/lyrics under "Important Links." For more info on how to enter the contest check out:

As always, I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Clorox and received $20 thank-you gift certificate.

Making time for the hubby especially on Valentines day

As you all know I am one busy momma.  With having a 11 year old girl(a 6th grader who also partakes in soccer every season and girl scouts and a social calendar), a 5 year old boy(who plays t-ball and is in K this year), and then I have twin 18 mo old girls who are child actors to make my life more complicated and busy.  If you got exhausted reading about my life imagine how exhausted I am.  I think anytime I get a moment to myself I like to partake in relaxing on the couch with my cats and no kiddos!  But then the hubby comes home and well I have to make time  for him too right?  My husband and I take time out of our evening before we go to bed to talk about our days and watch our favorite programs after the kids go to bed.  Why am I sharing this with you guys you ask yourself?  Well the folks at mom central and K-Y Brand think its time us ladies make some time for our men.  And if you are like me you do not feel like doing anything but relaxing but to maintain a healthy relationship it is crucial to make time for your spouse.  Plus Valentines day is coming soon so we need to make time to spend time with our spouse.  Here is some info about K-Y Brands new site to help couples find resources to make their connection stronger:

After a long day, finding time for your spouse or partner – and making the most of those few moments – doesn't always come easily.  
It's important that all couples maintain healthy relationships, which can start with enhancing the short time they do have together by exploring fun, unique ways that celebrate their special connection.
This February, K-Y Brand is introducing its new Couples Place Web site,, a resource for couples looking to strengthen their connection.  The site will feature advice and commentary from the nation's leading relationship and sexual health experts. Site visitors can also enter in a contest to be selected as "America's Top Couple." The winning couple will receive a trip to New York City to participate in a professional photo shoot and be featured in a national magazine.
Additionally, in recent years K-Y Brand has launched intimacy enhancement products to further help couples make the most of their connection behind the bedroom door, like Yours + Mine couples lubricant and Intense arousal gel for her.

I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of K-Y Brand and received samples of the Yours + Mine and Intense products. In addition, Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.