Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sons of Anarchy on FX

Did you know my twins were on a show on the FX Network? Well if you did not know you do now. Abbie and Maddie made their small screen debut on FX networks The Sons of Anarchy as baby Abel who is the son of Jax(Charlie Hunnam). If you have not checked it out I have to warn you that it is a very adult program. Lets put it this way, it has a sopranos feel but it is in the world of the motorcycle clubs instead of the mafia. I had fun on the set with the girls and the stars who were super nice. you can see pictures and learn about the show and if you want to find out where to see the episodes you have not seen like Abbie and Maddies debut in episode 2 of season 2 check out

Sams Club giftcard giveaway

Who wants a 100 dollar gift card to Sams? If you want one go to this blog and check it out to enter copy and paste into your browser since this program will not let me put a link in grrrrr and check out to see the deals you can get

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey

As warm summer days start to wind to an end in August, the time to pack up the knapsacks and head off to school will be here before we know it. Crisp fall nights will take over, and the days of riding bikes after dinner will be fond memories for the kids until next spring. With the school year in full-swing, fun family escapes from schoolwork offer tremendous appeal, for our children and for us Moms.

Feld Entertainment's Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey® live performances provide edge-of-your-seat entertainment for the young and young at heart. Also, Feld Entertainment has created savings offers available by using customer codes for the Mom Central community. These offers enable us to create lifetime memories experiencing the excitement of Ringling Bros. ® with our families!

While each touring edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is different, all feature amazing Asian elephants, fascinating tigers, family fun and so many thrills that you will be on the edge of your seat all night!

To enhance your night at the circus, you get two experiences in one. The All Access Pre-Show begins an hour before show time, live on the circus floor. The Pre-Show provides the opportunity for kids to interact with performers, try on costumes, and get up close and personal at The Greatest Show On Earth. My kids ADORED this part- it's free for all ticket holders and not to be missed!

Mom Central is excited to extend the following special family offers; look for the box marked "MC Promotion" when purchasing tickets:

* *Offer #1: Get 4 tickets for just $44 by entering the code "MOM" at select ticketing channels. Offer good on all weekday performances, which includes all weekday evening and Friday matinee performances; minimum purchase of 4 tickets required; additional tickets above 4 can be purchased at $11 each.
* *Offer #2: All weekend performance tickets will be $4 off the original price.
* Offer #3: Get the best Circus Celebrity, Front Row and VIP seats available – We have reserved seats in these sections just for you! Enter the code MOM. No discounts available on these sections.

* Not valid on Circus CelebritySM, Front Row or VIP seats and may not be combined with other offers including special Opening Night pricing. Other fees may apply.

The above offers are good in the following cities:

* Denver: September 30 – October 11, 2009
* Boston: October 14-18, 2009
* St. Louis: October 15-18, 2009
* Cleveland: October 21-26, 2009
* Rosemont/Chicago: November 5 – 29, 2009 *available for purchase on Sept. 8. 2009
* Auburn Hills: November 18-22, 2009
* Charlotte: January 27-31, 2010 *available for purchase on Sept. 12, 2009
* Atlanta: February 12-21, 2010 *available for purchase on Sept. 12, 2009
* Cincinnati: March 10-14, 2010 *available for purchase on Sept. 21, 2009
* Dayton: April 29 – May 2, 2010 *available for purchase on Sept. 21, 2009

Shows coming this fall & winter:

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents Over The Top, an all-new live entertainment extravaganza featuring the ultimate tug of war between Ringmaster Chuck Wagner and clown eccentric Tom Dougherty over a magical top hat that controls the circus. When the Ringmaster dons the hat he conjures stupendous spectacles for his circus, like the stunt riding Royal Cossack Cavalry while the clown uses the hat to summon silly and whimsical acts for his circus, such as a cavalry of goats riding on ponies in a Barnyard Bonanza. They continue to top one another until the Ringmaster and clown realize that the magic of the circus is not in the hat but in the hearts of everyone. The show culminates in an amazing display of gigantic glowing rainforest flowers surrounding Chinese acrobats swinging on vines and propelling through the air. Over the Top is two circuses in one providing excitement for the whole family.

Audiences will see nearly 100 animals including flying dogs, Asian elephants that skip, hop, and groove, miniature horses, llamas, pigs, and even a performing porcupine. In a daring feat, the courageous Daniel Raffo stands eye to eye with a pack of powerful Bengal tigers. Circus celebrities help rev-up the motorcycle madness featuring one cycle on a high wire and seven speeding riders in a Globe of Steel. Extraordinary aerial acts fill the arena sky with a rare double-decker trapeze and the Bombastic Bouncers who combine gigantic inner tubes and awe-inspiring acrobatics in a high-energy performance never before seen in America. And with the audience's participation, this circus really goes Over The Top!

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents ZING ZANG ZOOM®: Through the mystery of magic and the mastery of skill, audiences will be spellbound as Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents ZING ZANG ZOOM®, a thrill-filled, mind-blowing circus spectacular where family fun is no illusion.

Magical Zingmaster Alex and his assistant, the alluring Levitytia, lead audiences through a kaleidoscope of color and imagery revealing extraordinary worlds of fantasy, flight and phenomena that celebrates the uplifting spirit of the circus and wards off a cynical Mr. Gravity and his team of "heavies" who try to bring everyone down.

Be mesmerized when a four-ton elephant disappears before your eyes, and a gravity-inducing nemesis transforms across species into a ferocious tiger. Stand in awe as a dazzling trapeze artist performs a perilous, anatomically unimaginable one-arm speed-spin high atop the arena floor, and two formidable, female human cannonballs are blasted through the air in a daring, awe-inspiring display of bravery. Become electrified as the dangerous double wheel of steel, the gasp-inducing high wire and soaring gigantic swings defy both gravity and logic.

Fun-filled magic merges with traditional circus arts to create a world of infinite possibilities where apprentice illusionists levitate their parents with a wave of a wand, and audience spirits keep rising as the high flying circus is (literally) turned upside down. Perhaps the most magical of all, watch in amazement as an incomparable array of exotic animals including a herd of majestic Asian elephants, magnificent Bengal tigers and elegant Arabian and Friesian horses join forces with our human performers to create an experience that will surprise and delight Children of All Ages, rendering us speechless and reminding us that the magic of The Greatest Show On Earth® lives forever in our hearts and imaginations.

To learn more about Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey shows touring the country this year and to find shows in your area, visit the Ringling site. And don't forget to use the special discount code when purchasing tickets online!
In addition, we seek Mom Influencers to join us as Feld Family Activators (FFAs) and help us promote shows in these upcoming cities:

• Boston: October 14-18, 2009
• Cleveland: October 21-25, 2009

*Please note that these offers are also valid for Disney On Ice shows in select cities - visit to find a show near you.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Feld Entertainment. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Back to school means Lunchable to the rescue

Back to school time is here and I do not know about you but I like to send lunchables with my son. It is fast easy and nutritious. Now that lunchables have had a makeover using 100% juice and crust made with whole grain breads I feel that my kids are getting the lunch that they love and I feel less guilty knowing that they are getting something that is good for them but they dont know it. here are some of the flavors that they have from the lunchables web site

NEW Lunchables

* NEW Turkey + Cheddar Sub
* NEW Ham + American Sub
* NEW Turkey + Cheddar Cracker Combos
* NEW Ham + American Cracker Combo
* NEW Deep Dish Cheese Pizza
* NEW Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza

Lunchables with Capri Sun
Lunchables Value Twin Pack
NEW Turkey + Cheddar Sub

Turkey made with 100% turkey breast, Kraft 2% Cheddar and bread made with whole grain, these tasty subs come with Tree Top® Applesauce, Mini Nilla Wafers, spring water and Tropical Punch Kool-Aid Singles.
View nutritional info >
Check out some of our other varieties:

* Bring back the stack!
* Pack some fun on the run!
* Double your fun!


Watch for theis logo to find our better for you products.

Get some quick tips from child nutrition expert Bridget Swinney, MS, RD.


I have been sent a coupon from Kraft foods and mom central is giving me an incentive to post this review.