Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Minimally invasive surgery procedures for women now an option

After the birth of my twins I wanted to get information on a hysterectomy. After looking into the procedure from my doctor I was told it would be a major surgery and that is not an option for me so my husband went to have a vasectomy since 4 kids was more than enough for us. Mom Central( had sent out some information about the AAGL and how there are advances in medicine that allow women to undergo minimally invasive procedures instead of having to undergo a major surgery that takes longer for recovery. If I would have known about these procedures I may have considered having a hysterectomy. Take some time to review the website and the entry below and see what procedures besides a hysterectomy would be available as there are many other conditions that minimally invasive surgery are available.

From the AAGL website:

Patient & Healthcare Consumer

Less invasive approaches are now available for many gynecologic procedures that once required major surgery. The advantages of minimally invasive procedures include reduced risk of infection, minimized scarring, less blood loss, decreased post-operative pain, and generally quicker recovery time. Thanks to such improvements, minimally invasive gynecology is enjoying an ever-growing following of surgeons and patients alike. Exciting new advances in minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment continue to expand the bounds of gynecologic care.

As a diagnostic tool, gynecologic endoscopy – the use of a miniaturized telescopic device to see inside the abdomen and female organs -- is unparalleled in its ability to permit the physician visual examination of internal organs and early detection of gynecologic disorders. Many of these can be corrected using minimally invasive techniques, often at once.

Minimally invasive surgery is an option all women should consider before committing to any gynecologic procedure. Here you will find the resources to help you learn and understand your options and to make an informed decision. Gynecologic care is progressing quickly and it is our goal to keep you informed so you can seek the best care possible.