Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nolan Robert Cosmetics OMG they rock!

OK so I have this person in my TKB classes that was on this show called Blush the search for the next makeup artist which I watched with my daughter who said that guy Nolan is going to win hes fun and does great makeup,  Well my daughter who was then 10 or 11 yrs old predicted the outcome and we did a boogie dance to celebrate someone from the town I went to high school and a person I talked to in passing winning!  Anyway Nolan has become a great entrepreneur by introducing his very own makeup line and it just launched.  I ordered some eye shadow, diamond dust,  lip sticks and the dream cream because I have heard how great it is from other people in the TKB classes I take.   I can say that shopping on Nolans site is so easy and after i finalized my order I received an email from Nolan himself thanking me for my purchase and suggesting one other product in the future, he also informed me that he will have a tutorial on how to use the eye shadow wheel I purchased, and he told me that a little goes a long way with the dream cream I purchased.  OK people you better not be doubting Nolan wrote it because if you knew him which i read his tweets and facebook a lot I know he wrote it.  And I got another email from Nolan telling me when my items would ship out.  Talk about service with a smile :) even if someone else wrote the email which I doubt it that made me feel special.  Its about the little things people! 

Anyway, my husband came through the door with mail in hand saying my Nolan Robert cosmetics came in and I was like wohooooo!  I opened the box and there was another box inside wrapped in bubble wrap which my kids will fight over later on who can pop them.  When i got the bubble wrap off the box I saw a cute black box signed by Nolan himself and a little Thank you Katherine on the box and the box was tied with a cute pink ribbon.  OK so then I opened the box and each of my lip glosses, lipstick and eye shadow were placed in these cute little pink bags with bubble wrap on the outside to keep them safe as they were wrapped in love :) after I unwrapped everything I took a pic to show you guys but hey my pics are not great as my canon was in the mini van glovebox so I used my Kodak here look so awesome! 

So the next time you need to order some makeup check out Nolan's makeup line at Nolan Robert Cosmetics also you can follow him on twitter  and you can check out his facebook page and click the like button  Seriously people I did not get paid for my opinion and I was not sent anything to post it.  I just want people to try his makeup out because the colors are outstanding and me who hates to wear makeup loves the colors there is everything under the sun for every girl out there whether you like to wear your makeup to go out on the town or you are like me who goes for the natural look, Nolan's got you covered!  Go out there and check it out! 

The circus is back with a show that marks the 200th anniversary of the greatest show ever!

I am so excited that it is time for the circus to come to town!  yay my kids can't wait to see it again!  Aidan wants me to shield him from the human cannonball part of the show i do not get why but ok that will be our cue to get some nachos :).  Anyway I have been given a special coupon code for you to reserve your tickets as 2010 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the greatest showman of all time, P.T. Barnum, and “Barnum’s FUNundrum” is a celebration of his living legacy. You and your family will LOVE the show!

I for one can't wait to see this as Barnum and Baileys circus has been a tradition in my family since I can remember.   
MOM Ticket Discount

The multi-ticket discount returns this summer, with a special $48 Family Four-Pack Offer on select performances or $4 off single ticket prices on select shows. The discount can be redeemed online at or by calling (800) 745-3000 . To redeem, use the discount code “MOM” .

If you are in the Los Angeles Area you can Check out the show July 14-18 at the Staples Center 
For my friends in the Inland Empire you can check out the show at the Citizens Bank Arena July 21-25 

And finally if you are in the Orange County Area you can check out the show at the Honda Center  July 28 - August 8

And don't forget about the All Access preshow included with every ticket.  here is the info from

All Access Pre-show

An hour before show time, audiences can join Ringling Bros.® talented performers and learn new circus skills at the All Access Pre-show, FREE with your ticket!
o At the Free All Access Pre-show, Ringling Bros. acrobats, clowns and other accomplished athletic performers show young and old alike an awe-inspiring and action-packed approach to daily health and fitness.
o Audience members can get up close and personal with Ringling Bros. performers to take photos, get autographs and learn circus skills at the All Access Pre-show.
o Circus-goers can meet some of Ringling Bros. majestic animals, see a pachyderm paint a portrait and learn more about Ringling Bros. commitment to elephant conservation at the All Access Pre-show.
o The All Access Pre-show is the only place where you can register for a chance to win a masterpiece created by one of Ringling Bros. artistic Asian elephants.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Speaking of the Circus did you know that Mothers cookies is back and available in a grocery store near you?

Oh my goodness I was so sad when I saw no more Mothers cookies on my store shelves.  I remember being a little girl and begging my mom to buy the cookies for me in that fun circus bag with the pink and white icing and sprinkles on them.  They were my favorite cookie by FAR!  I also remember the oatmeal iced cookies mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm Good. 

Anyway after they went away I stopped checking the cookie aisle for cookies and started buying store cookies from the bakery.  When MOM Central  asked me to spead the word about this blogtour I said YAY my favorite cookies are back and I can share them with my kids. 

Anyway for my friends in the Kansas area and the Midwest, you will get to see what I am talking about because Mothers cookies are coming to your store shelves very soon :) so don't delay check out Mothers Cookies and see for yourself the little cookie brand that was my favorite as a child and maybe you can make it your childs favorite too

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Mother’s Cookies and received two bags of cookies and a $20 Amazon gift certificate to facilitate my review.

Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus is coming to town check out the Barnum award NOW!

I was so excited to get the email to share this special award info with all of my readers because I love seeing what our kiddos can accomplish when they set their minds on something and make a difference in the community.  This award celebrates just that.  So take the time to think about a special kiddo to nominate for this awesome award!  The circus is coming to town so subscribe to my blog or follow me to get the details on when the Circus will come to the OC area and for a special offer for the mommies out there!  
Nominations are currently being accepted for “The Barnum Award,” a Southland search to honor three stand-out kids who are making a difference in our community. Attached is a flyer on how you and your readers can nominate a child between the ages of 8-14 who are demonstrating the entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit of P.T. Barnum. Nominating is easy, by answering a few brief questions on the online application at First, second and third place winners will receive cash prizes to continue their service. The award ceremony will be on opening night at the Honda Center, July 28th.

Reinvented Dove Haircare :) I love it!

Oh my goodness I was asked to participate in a BzzCampaign for Bzzagent and this one is right up my alley because of my thin fine hair which can be weighed down really easily.  I started using the Daily conditioning treatment as soon as I got my Bzzkit and I noticed the shine and how my hair does not look weighed down and how it did not look dry anymore like it did before since we get dry heat here in Sunny Southern California.  Here is the skinny on the new Haircare line by Dove:

 taken from Bzzagent:

The benefits of a treatment in a conditioner
NEW Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners give hair the deep nourishment of a treatment in the time it takes to condition. Their innovative formulas penetrate deep inside to help repair hair internally and leave it more beautiful on the outside.*
Advanced care for all types of hair
With new technologies, fresh scents and packaging, the entire Dove Damage Therapy System has been reinvented with Fiber Actives to take care of the damage.** So, whether you curl, tease, or blow-dry, you can get beautifully smooth hair.
* vs. non-conditioning shampoo alone
** Refers to the signs of damage

Go ahead, get the hair you want. NEW reinvented Dove® takes care of the damage.**
Daily Treatment Conditioners
  • Next generation Conditioners with treatment inside
  • Designed to give hair the deep nourishment of a treatment in the time it takes to condition
  • Instant smoothness after just one use
  • Dove's most advanced technology ever
  • New to store shelves
  • Available at most food, drug and mass retailers nationwide
Damage Therapy System
  • Micro moisture serum helps protect and repair damaged hair**
  • Premium packaging
  • New fragrances
  • Advanced care and repair for beautiful hair
See what women are saying about NEW reinvented Dove:
"After using this product, I could tell that there was a difference even when my hair was still wet. It visibly reduced the amount of frizziness that I usually have and made my hair look much healthier. I really like this product!" - BzzAgent C. Ganim
"I have pretty fine hair, so at first I was a little worried that an "Intensive"? conditioner would weigh it down. I was really surprised - it seemed to provide the moisture that my hair needed, but without sacrificing volume. My hair looks and feels great." - BzzAgent Dalina C.
* vs. non-conditioning shampoo alone
** Refers to the signs of damage

What do you do for beautiful hair?
Styling. Bleaching. Blow-drying. We're all guilty of hair damage, whether we realize it or not. But did you know that hair can be damaged on the inside as well as the outside, making it weak, porous, and prone to breakage and split ends? NEW Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners help take care of the damage** with a unique dual-action formula:
  • Treatment with Fiber Actives penetrates deep inside porous hair to help reconstruct it from within
  • Conditioner with patented micro moisture serum helps strengthen and nourish hair from root to tip
Learn more
For more advanced care, visit You can explore the entire line of NEW reinvented Dove® products, or get expert styling advice that'll help you repair your damaged 'do.
* vs. non-conditioning shampoo alone
** Refers to the signs of damage

 So that is just the beginning of the Dove reinvented hair care line.  remember to hit up  Dove haircarere invented 
While you are on the Dove site reading up on the dos and don'ts of haircare you can request a free sample of the daily conditioners while supplies last of course so do not dilly dally get on there and get your sample before they are gone!  Like I said I was given the product to try out for BzzAgent and I was not paid to endorse the product and if you want to become a BzzAgent follow the bzzagent badge on this blog to find out how you can be a Bzzagent too :).  I know I am going to start using Dove daily conditioners forever!  They are so awesome! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unilever is my new best friend in the fight against a stinky tween

As you all know I have four kiddos and one of my little lovelies is a 12 year old girl!  Well anyway, I recently had to break the news to her that its time for her to start using deodorant.  And as a mom I wanted to do it the right way so I did not hurt her feelings as they are fragile at this stage of life and keeping their self esteem in tact while making sure they do not stink up the air in the process is something that is very important.  So when Mom Central asked people to step up to speak out about the topic of sweaty tweens and unilever's website called Don't fret the sweat I knew I could do this to help my other mommy friends find the resources they need to not be a victim to that BO our older kiddos are emitting into the air we all breathe.

When I first went to the website I thought this is so cool they have some FAQ's to help equip me with the knowledge I will need when my daughter asks the dreaded question of Why do I sweat so much?  or my own questions about my baby girl using deodorant like Are your products safe for her to use?  thank goodness the answers to those questions and more are found on that site.  The other part I like is the matchmaker quiz to find the perfect deodorant for my daughter to use which was the sample I received to do this blog and yes she loves it!  She is using Degree girl in friends forever and loves the scent.  I wish they had a website about this when I was going through my OMG moments  Plus after being matched with the perfect deodorant they let you print coupons to save some serious cash because all of us need a break in that department :)

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Unilever and received the items necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Kindercone they are so awesome!

Now that I have a Kindergartener next year he will be going into the first grade so when Mom Central told me about this blog tour of course I wanted to be a part of this.

Let me give you some information from the Kindercone website

KinderCone LLC , is based on a German tradition dating back to the early 19th century. Oftentimes, the first day of school can be a bittersweet moment in a child’s life, but in Germany and Austria it is marked by a day of celebration and appreciation. On that day, families present their first grader with their very own Schultüte. Inside, the child finds little gifts, treats, and school supplies. KinderCone wants to inspire every family and their young children to enjoy learning by celebrating this special event in their lives.

After learning about what this tradition was all about I got so excited!  The cone came to the house and wow my son thought it was a Giant Ice cream cone!  I am going to give the cone to him on his graduation day from kindergarten which is coming up soon.  I did however get a peek inside the cone and it was filled with 5pencils ready to use, a cute little cat named Karli who can be clipped to a backpack or you can sit him anywhere you like such as a desktop and he has a little bag that you can place a little something in for your kiddo to enjoy , plus a journal called "Me, Myself and First Grade", some temporary tattoos and a limited edition certificate :).  I think what I like about this kindercone is that my son will love the little goodies inside of it and when he is done filling in the journal I will use the cone to store his keepsakes like his great drawings and the completed journal so when he has his own kids he can share the tradition as I did with him and his baby sisters 

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of KinderCone and received KinderCone samples to facilitate my review. Mom Central also sent me gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.