Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reinvented Dove Haircare :) I love it!

Oh my goodness I was asked to participate in a BzzCampaign for Bzzagent and this one is right up my alley because of my thin fine hair which can be weighed down really easily.  I started using the Daily conditioning treatment as soon as I got my Bzzkit and I noticed the shine and how my hair does not look weighed down and how it did not look dry anymore like it did before since we get dry heat here in Sunny Southern California.  Here is the skinny on the new Haircare line by Dove:

 taken from Bzzagent:

The benefits of a treatment in a conditioner
NEW Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners give hair the deep nourishment of a treatment in the time it takes to condition. Their innovative formulas penetrate deep inside to help repair hair internally and leave it more beautiful on the outside.*
Advanced care for all types of hair
With new technologies, fresh scents and packaging, the entire Dove Damage Therapy System has been reinvented with Fiber Actives to take care of the damage.** So, whether you curl, tease, or blow-dry, you can get beautifully smooth hair.
* vs. non-conditioning shampoo alone
** Refers to the signs of damage

Go ahead, get the hair you want. NEW reinvented Dove® takes care of the damage.**
Daily Treatment Conditioners
  • Next generation Conditioners with treatment inside
  • Designed to give hair the deep nourishment of a treatment in the time it takes to condition
  • Instant smoothness after just one use
  • Dove's most advanced technology ever
  • New to store shelves
  • Available at most food, drug and mass retailers nationwide
Damage Therapy System
  • Micro moisture serum helps protect and repair damaged hair**
  • Premium packaging
  • New fragrances
  • Advanced care and repair for beautiful hair
See what women are saying about NEW reinvented Dove:
"After using this product, I could tell that there was a difference even when my hair was still wet. It visibly reduced the amount of frizziness that I usually have and made my hair look much healthier. I really like this product!" - BzzAgent C. Ganim
"I have pretty fine hair, so at first I was a little worried that an "Intensive"? conditioner would weigh it down. I was really surprised - it seemed to provide the moisture that my hair needed, but without sacrificing volume. My hair looks and feels great." - BzzAgent Dalina C.
* vs. non-conditioning shampoo alone
** Refers to the signs of damage

What do you do for beautiful hair?
Styling. Bleaching. Blow-drying. We're all guilty of hair damage, whether we realize it or not. But did you know that hair can be damaged on the inside as well as the outside, making it weak, porous, and prone to breakage and split ends? NEW Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners help take care of the damage** with a unique dual-action formula:
  • Treatment with Fiber Actives penetrates deep inside porous hair to help reconstruct it from within
  • Conditioner with patented micro moisture serum helps strengthen and nourish hair from root to tip
Learn more
For more advanced care, visit Dovehair.com. You can explore the entire line of NEW reinvented Dove® products, or get expert styling advice that'll help you repair your damaged 'do.
* vs. non-conditioning shampoo alone
** Refers to the signs of damage

 So that is just the beginning of the Dove reinvented hair care line.  remember to hit up  Dove haircarere invented 
While you are on the Dove site reading up on the dos and don'ts of haircare you can request a free sample of the daily conditioners while supplies last of course so do not dilly dally get on there and get your sample before they are gone!  Like I said I was given the product to try out for BzzAgent and I was not paid to endorse the product and if you want to become a BzzAgent follow the bzzagent badge on this blog to find out how you can be a Bzzagent too :).  I know I am going to start using Dove daily conditioners forever!  They are so awesome! 

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