Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nolan Robert Cosmetics OMG they rock!

OK so I have this person in my TKB classes that was on this show called Blush the search for the next makeup artist which I watched with my daughter who said that guy Nolan is going to win hes fun and does great makeup,  Well my daughter who was then 10 or 11 yrs old predicted the outcome and we did a boogie dance to celebrate someone from the town I went to high school and a person I talked to in passing winning!  Anyway Nolan has become a great entrepreneur by introducing his very own makeup line and it just launched.  I ordered some eye shadow, diamond dust,  lip sticks and the dream cream because I have heard how great it is from other people in the TKB classes I take.   I can say that shopping on Nolans site is so easy and after i finalized my order I received an email from Nolan himself thanking me for my purchase and suggesting one other product in the future, he also informed me that he will have a tutorial on how to use the eye shadow wheel I purchased, and he told me that a little goes a long way with the dream cream I purchased.  OK people you better not be doubting Nolan wrote it because if you knew him which i read his tweets and facebook a lot I know he wrote it.  And I got another email from Nolan telling me when my items would ship out.  Talk about service with a smile :) even if someone else wrote the email which I doubt it that made me feel special.  Its about the little things people! 

Anyway, my husband came through the door with mail in hand saying my Nolan Robert cosmetics came in and I was like wohooooo!  I opened the box and there was another box inside wrapped in bubble wrap which my kids will fight over later on who can pop them.  When i got the bubble wrap off the box I saw a cute black box signed by Nolan himself and a little Thank you Katherine on the box and the box was tied with a cute pink ribbon.  OK so then I opened the box and each of my lip glosses, lipstick and eye shadow were placed in these cute little pink bags with bubble wrap on the outside to keep them safe as they were wrapped in love :) after I unwrapped everything I took a pic to show you guys but hey my pics are not great as my canon was in the mini van glovebox so I used my Kodak here look so awesome! 

So the next time you need to order some makeup check out Nolan's makeup line at Nolan Robert Cosmetics also you can follow him on twitter  and you can check out his facebook page and click the like button  Seriously people I did not get paid for my opinion and I was not sent anything to post it.  I just want people to try his makeup out because the colors are outstanding and me who hates to wear makeup loves the colors there is everything under the sun for every girl out there whether you like to wear your makeup to go out on the town or you are like me who goes for the natural look, Nolan's got you covered!  Go out there and check it out! 

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