Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Speaking of the Circus did you know that Mothers cookies is back and available in a grocery store near you?

Oh my goodness I was so sad when I saw no more Mothers cookies on my store shelves.  I remember being a little girl and begging my mom to buy the cookies for me in that fun circus bag with the pink and white icing and sprinkles on them.  They were my favorite cookie by FAR!  I also remember the oatmeal iced cookies mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm Good. 

Anyway after they went away I stopped checking the cookie aisle for cookies and started buying store cookies from the bakery.  When MOM Central  asked me to spead the word about this blogtour I said YAY my favorite cookies are back and I can share them with my kids. 

Anyway for my friends in the Kansas area and the Midwest, you will get to see what I am talking about because Mothers cookies are coming to your store shelves very soon :) so don't delay check out Mothers Cookies and see for yourself the little cookie brand that was my favorite as a child and maybe you can make it your childs favorite too

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Mother’s Cookies and received two bags of cookies and a $20 Amazon gift certificate to facilitate my review.

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