Saturday, January 15, 2011

Checking in.

I cant wait! I am about to embark on a fitness journey and my blog is taking off! I am new at this blogging about me stuff, kind of new to blogging in general so I went to my blog today and saw a flood of comments and after reading them, I find that I am not the only momma who forgets breaky in the am! I am seriously touched by all the support you fabulous ladies are giving me on twitter and on here. YOU guys rock!

So this week how did i do with my goals?? Well I ate breaky every day but one day because that was my day everything was late, my son was late to school, i was late to the gym, but after my class i did eat the oatmeal i brought with me. I did not get enough h20 on friday but I did the rest of the week for sure. i think i need a new big water bottle to ensure i take in my h20. And i did not get to one piyo, zumba or hot hula class but i did push myself harder and boy i felt it especially after Chalenes turbo kick class followed by hustle. So I will have a lot of new goals this week but you will have to stay tuned for my Mamavation Monday post to see it :)

By the way if you want to know about hot hula here is the info somtimes my links are not showing up for some weird reason so cut and paste this into your browser .

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