Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why is it we do not go out to eat again?

Well tonight jason and i thought it would be ok to take three of the kids out with us to Chili's for dinner to use our coupons and gift cards we had. Little did we know that it was going to be a big huge mistake!

Dinner started out alright but Maddie dumped her cup of chocolate milk on the table by tilting her head back to ensure she got every last drop of milk. Then after we put it in the sippy cup, she then decided she did not want the sippy but then gave up and started to drink it then swished the milk in her mouth spitting it onto her sisters booster seat. ewwwwwww! yea that was classic. When the food came Aidan started getting uncomfortable because he wanted some bbq sauce for his corn dog not ketchup. While we were waiting for the bbq sauce, his sister Abbie took his menu then Aidan snatches it back leaving Abbie to scream bloody murder making a scene then the snatching of the paper continues for a while while the screaming and melt downs by both kids and i wanted to leave. in my head i was sinking down my in my seat wishing I could be invisible. Finally the kids settled down leaving us to enjoy our dinner, but for the most part i never want to take the kids to dinner for a long time. We were instantly reminded why we do not take all the kids to dinner with us.

Life with twins is hard enough but add one autistic boy into that mix who does not want to share and if his sisters take something of his that can be replaced such as the kids meal menu, it does not matter he wants the one he had from the beginning of the night even if its the same menu, its not the same to him. Share some strategies with me on how to handle the situation without wanting to hide under the table or want to run from the restaurant and never want to eat there again because i think they will remember me.

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