Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy new year all!

I am now a beach body coach! wohooooo! i have so much to tell you guys! I got certified to teach TKB and Hip hop hustle at any workout facility I can get a job! woot woot! So yea you want to know my beach body link? for all your health needs and inspiration! This is the year I get better at setting my goals and following my dreams. What are your new years resolutions? i have my list up on my facebook page but if you are not on there yet here is the list:

1. Build my beach body business

2. Finish my real estate license by taking the damn exam! (i know some people love this one) i am scared of the test and Chalene has told me to face my fears head on and not let them deter me so this is going to be crossed off my list by the end of 2011

3. Get an audition at 24hr fitness! So i can teach hip hop hustle and turbo kick. i have the certs i need to use them to motivate and inspire those who were like me and afraid to take a group x class. That was the best thing i have ever done in my life for my health and i have made so many friends because of it.

4. Get Aidan a go kart! he will be a NASCAR driver if you ask him and if we dont get him into karting that wont happen. It is a very expensive sport so i have to do something to make the cash to get him closer to his dreams. just because he has autism does not mean he can't do it! NEVER SAY NEVER! AND I WILL NOT LET MONEY OR CIRCUMSTANCE STAND IN THE WAY OF HIS DREAMS!

5. Start saving for a house we need a 2 plus den or loft or even a 3 bedroom! WE NEED A HOUSE!

6. Stop feeling sorry for myself and get my head out of my @$$!

7. lose 25lbs

8. inspire those around me to DO MORE


10. keep my blog going on my life not just product review :)

11. whatever else i can think of

happy new year everyone and just to let you know this is going to be my blog addy as the word press one i deleted

let me know your resolutions :)

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