Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh Fitbit how I love thee!

So I love my fitbit! I know what you are saying to yourself. What is a fitbit and why does Kate love it so much? Right? Well, a Fitbit is a calorie tracking device that tells you how many calories you burn, how many steps you take a day, how many levels of stairs you climb,how many miles you walked and how active you are in a day. Then to compliment the fitbit, they have a website that also has a great app for your smartphone so you can log your workouts, food and water for the day so it can help you stay on track for weight loss. I love this thing because I am seriously pushing myself to be more active because I will not miss my goal for the day which is 10k staps, 10 flights of stairs (it also counts your flights if you walk on a hill with an incline), 5 miles, and 2300 calories burned. It even has a flower that grows as you become more active but if you are sedentary, it shrinks so you have to stay active. The other thing that fitbit has is it tracks your sleep because that is an important thing to be successful because if you do not get enough rest, you will not get the best results possible. The one thing that is my ultimate favorite thing is if you enter your food on the journal, the fitbit can tell you if you are on track with what you have eaten and what you have burned for the day as well. Check out my images at the bottom of the entry. IF you are wanting to lose weight, this is the ONE thing I tell you that you MUST have to be successful. It runs around 100 bucks and you do not have to pay to use their website. ITs a win win for me. The only drawback is , it is a small device but you wear it 24hrs a day except when you need to charge it. I have friends who have washed their fitbit and stuck it in a bag of rice and it came back to life weeks later. So if you can remember not to put it in the washing machine, you are good to go. For more information about a fitbit here is their website http://fitbit.com .
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