Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Change up your workout routines.

I have a lot of fitness friends and I have a lot of friends who struggle with weight loss. I myself, have struggled with weight loss and know how it feels to get frustrated with the scale not moving at all or worse, going up. Yea it sucks and yes I have experienced it happening to me a lot. Sometimes I have wanted to throw in the towel and give up. But if I did that when the scale was seriously "smoking crack or lying to me", I would not be where I am today. Our body is a machine that you have to fuel and maintain. With that being said, workouts have to be challenging when you do them and your body gets used to the routine after about 6 weeks. So, you have to change it up or you will not see the results you want. Hi my name is Kate and I am a turbo kick addict! Yes I go to a lot of Turbo kick classes and Hip Hop Hustle as well! But I do lift weights 3x a week. And I am not talking about going to the same weight training class that does the same boring routines every class. I take Lean Extreme which is based off of the product By Chalene Johnson called ChaLEAN Extreme. I am fortunate to take Chalenes Class that she teaches 2x a week and the third day of weights I either will do a piyo class where my body weight is used instead of lifting weights or I will throw in a body pump class here and there. The cool thing about Lean Extreme, is that the class changes every 6 weeks because our bodies get used to the routine and we have to shock our body to get it to see results. Yes I am sore but you know what? I love to be sore because I know I worked the muscles I was focusing on and I know I am progressing even if the scale is not moving or it goes up. I try to go more by how my clothes fit instead of what the evil scale in my bathroom that almost became a casualty of being tossed off my 2nd floor patio because I was so irritated with what it said. When I hit a plateau, I tend to get frustrated that i hit the "wall". So What do I do? I add a class or two that are formats I want to try out or that I like but I just have not gone to in awhile because it will shock my body and help kick the plateau right where it counts thus causing the scale to move down! So, when you hit that wall of a plaateau and you are taking in the right amount of calories based on what you are burning, change up the routine because your body has adjusted to what you are doing. Make sure you take in enough water as well because that is another wrench that will hinder your progress. Want to know what you burn as far as calories go? Get a fitbit or something like it like a bodybugg or a nike fuel band. I say fitbit because its 100 bucks and the website is not a fee based site like the bodybugg. I love my fitbit because I can put in my food and it exercise and it will tell me how many calories I can eat for the day based on how many lbs I want to lose per week. It is handy too because it will tell me how many calories I can eat to the minute of the day meaning if I have a little too many calories in my lunch, after I journal it on the fitbit site, it will tell me if I am in the goal zone of if i ate too much and this is based on the calories I am burning that day. What do you do when you hit the plateau wall?

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