Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ragu fresh and simple delicious!

ok I was graciously sent a sample from the great people at Ragu pasta sauce! I love Ragu products because they are so yummy and it makes my busy life easier when i want to make spaghetti! Well I was sent their newest product that makes life easier if you are in a hurry, it is called Ragu Fresh and simple pasta sauce. It comes in a pouch you can place in your microwave instead of the traditional jar which you have to heat in a pot on the stove. The pouch takes90 seconds to heat so you just boil your noodles and while you drain the water VOILA! The sauce is done!

here is the info from the website about the Ragu Fresh and Simple product:

Pasta sauce packaged in a 90 second microwavable pouch, leaving one less pot to clean. No sugar added and like traditional RagĂș® Sauces, no artificial additives or preservatives.

Find it in the pasta sauce aisle.

The best part about that web site is you can download the receipe book to make you and yours some healthy meals that are fast simple and delicious. As always the Ragu sauces are fabulous and super yummy. when i am in a hurry i dont doctor up the sauces but the jars i always add more spice and veggies to my creation. ragu sauces are super delicous!

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