Friday, May 9, 2008

Ocean Spray Cranergy

well i have had another great sample sent to me this time is twas ocean spray Cranergy. they come in two energizing flavors one of which is cranberry and the other is my fave raspberry cranberry. Check out the website provided by Ocean Spray. Its a great pick me up full of flavor and none of that jittery feeling most energy drinks leave you. This one is naturally ernergizing:


Do you need a little help to get through your busy day? We sure do, which is why we created Cranergy™, a delicious and naturally energizing juice drink. Cranergy™ is made from our refreshing cranberry juice, which we've enhanced with natural energizers like green tea extract and B vitamins. Made with Splenda® brand sweetener, Cranergy™ has only 35 calories per eight-ounce serving, 50 percent fewer calories than other leading energy drinks and traditional sodas. Cranergy™ is a "good for you" kind of energy that helps you get stuff done!

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