Monday, April 21, 2008

Special K Bliss Bars! OMG so yummy

OMG I received a sample in efforts to write you all about whether you should run to the store to buy them or run far away from the box in the store.

Well anyway the special K bliss bars are so delicious! They are 90 calorie bars and they taste like they are way more than that. They come in two delightfully blissful flavors to boot: chocolate raspberry and chocolate orange. I know what you are thinking, what orange? Well yea I thought that myself until i opened up the bar and ate it. It was simply delicious.

check out the kelloggs site for yourself and see what the buzz is all about, plus you know anything with special k on it has to be fabulous! you can follow the special K program way easier than before if that is your thing or tuck them into your purse while you are on the go you have a fast easy and guilt free snack.

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