Monday, April 21, 2008

A pesticide free remedy to lice!

OK we all have school aged kids or kids in daycare right? And you know someone is bound to come to school with the icky yucky buggies that make our kids itch and us mommies have to completely wipe down everything from the beds to the bedding and so fourth.

Well i have been lucky enough to not have lice since I was in grade school and I thank my lucky stars because I remember all that crappy shampoo that reeked like she put raid in my hair straight from the bottle. I remember my mom cleaning my room like I was diseased and shampooing my mattress to make sure those creepy bugs never returned.

Thanfully there is a remedy that takes away that raid smell and terrible pesticides off our kids heads leaving us guilt free about whether the stuff we are using is poisoning our kiddos.

I received a sample of the lice md from the company to check out but to no avail I could not use the sample because my kids thank God, do not suffer from lice. but I did go onto their website to check out what they were all about. I read on the box you have a money back guarantee which is always a plus for me because i get to be skeptical on things so I would give this a whirl if i had a problem with icky yukcy buggies.

per the lice md website: LiceMD® is a real alternative to pesticide lice treatments. It is pediatrician tested and clinically proven to eliminate lice, eggs, and nits. Find out why LiceMD® is the effective safe and simple solution.

LiceMD® is Effective
LiceMD® is pediatrician tested and clinically proven to effectively eliminate eggs, lice and nits. What's more, LiceMD® uses a synthetic lubricant which makes comb-out smooth and easy, even for long, thick or very curly hair.
LiceMD® is Safe
Dimethicone, the primary ingredient in LiceMD®, is used as a conditioning agent in many top selling shampoos and has a well-known safety profile. LiceMD® is clear, odorless, non-irritating to skin and hypoallergenic.
LiceMD® is Simple
3-step elimination process:
Apply LiceMD® to dry hair, then wait 10-minutes
With LiceMD® still in the hair, section and comb hair to remove lice, eggs and nits
Shampoo hair thoroughly with regular shampoo and warm water
Hints and Tips
If the person being treated wears glasses or contacts, remove before starting.
Provide young children with a book, video or other distraction that will help them relax and sit quietly while combing out hair.
For longer hair, pin hair up and apply to nape of neck first. Then apply solution to the rest of the hair.
LiceMD® is very slippery. Clean up spills immediately with hot water and soap.
Place a towel on the floor for quick and easy clean up.

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