Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A great thing for trying out products and raving about them

have you heard the Bzz?

its bzzagent, a service for getting the word of mouth out there on products, services, anything really. You can tell people if you love the product or hate it then you post a report of what the coversation was and how they reacted.

you are matched for the bzzcampaigns by the surveys you fill out and you earn points which you can redeem for prizes. They even send you a product if its something like whitening strips or a fly fusion pen. its pretty awesome and you can feel like your opinions are being heard

here is what a bzzagent is from bzzagent's site

What is a BzzAgent, exactly?

Agents are everyday consumers who believe in honest word of mouth. In other words, they like to:

Discover and check out new products, services, books and other cool stuff
Share their honest opinions with people they know
Have their input and feedback taken seriously by companies and brands
Build social capital by being in the know and always having something to talk about

Why do people join BzzAgent?

Because they like to participate in frequent word-of-mouth campaigns so they can:

Have access to and knowledge of products before other people.
Engage in productive, meaningful two-way communication with major brands and companies. Your voice will be heard!
Receive special offers and discounts, both for themselves and friends.

if you want to join the link is at the bottom of this post

As a BzzAgent, you'll get to:

* Discover and try new products and services (for free!)
* Spread sincere word of mouth about them
* Have your opinions influence some of the biggest companies and brands

If you'd like to receive the same benefits, become an Agent today.
Don't worry, BzzAgent respects its members' privacy and won't share
your personal information or spam you.

We're a community focused on word of mouth, so what better way to
recruit new members than referrals and recommendations from friends?

We hope to see you soon!


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