Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ju-Ju-Be Bags OMG I DIE!

OK So if you are on the market for diaper bags or just a bag in general that is great to take to the beach, I know just the bag you need. As a mom of four kids two of them being twins, I know a thing of two about Diaper bags meaning which ones you need and which ones are functional. Ju-Ju-Be is just that functional and fashionable! When I saw the Be Right Back bag It was instant love when I was pregnant with Abbie and Maddie. One of the big reasons was the purple paisley print and the other reason was, all the pockets and sections. Anyway I was posting this because they have a contest coming up for Earth day! I want to share this video with you so you can see all the pretty bags they make. I am posting this because I will be entered to win one of the totally awesome Ju-Ju-Be Bags and if I win I can pick whatever bag I want even in their Earth Leather line! OMG I am so excited! If you know me, you know I love bags and you also know I have a Be set in Midnight Eclipse ,and the Be Right Back bag in Purple Paisley. I am not allowed to buy another bag but if I win one Hubs cant stop me from having another bag and there is a bag or two or ten I am so wanting. And you can check their site out too after you see the video.

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