Monday, March 14, 2011

Mamavation monday

This mamavation Monday post is about workout times. Since we just had to spring forward and I am still feeling the effects of that I am so super duper sleepy. Anyway, I like to workout in the mornings after I drop Aidan off at school. I usually hit up the local 24hr fitness since they have a kids club for the twins where they can play and be out of the way and I don't worry because I know there are other kiddos there and adults to make sure they are ok. So I usually workout based on who is teaching the classes I like most then I plan my week out. And just in case I forget since I am a blond with 4 kiddos to tend to so I suffer from Momnesia (yea its a real condition look it up if you don't believe me), I program my phone to set off an alarm 60 minutes before the class so there are no excuses for me missing a workout. Now if the kids are feeling under the weather and I cant make the gym, I simply have a backup class planned for when Jason can tend to the kids. Mornings are also awesome for the kids to hit up the local parks here because they are full of energy, and are in need of sunshine. But now we have daylight savings time, Jason and I can take a walk to the park after he gets home and the kids can get nice and tired by riding their trikes and scooters or bikes to the park and Jason and I can walk with them since they are not fast riders yet.

So here is my question for you: What do you do to keep your workout routines going and what is your favorite time of day to get your workout on? I also log my workouts on my beach body page because there is money to be won every day just for working out! how cool is that? head over to my page on and check out my fitness journey so far and while you are there you can join the beach body community where you can use the WOWY super gym and try to win money for just logging in your workouts. I am going to tell you up front that I am a beach body coach and I do sell the products but my mail focus is making sure people get healthy and if you want my products great and if not that is ok too. It is all about helping others lead a healthy lifestyle

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miacupcake said...

I totally have Momnesia.

Just look at my mamavation video...I forget how old my kids are, forget what I'm talking about and I'm surprised I didn't wander away.

GREAT job this week!

Owen's Mom said...

I would work out in the morning if my kiddos were older. Sounds like you found a time that works well for you, so kudos! Lol. As Moms we all lose a few brain cells. Just keep organized and no one will know!
Have a great week!

Katie said...

Nice job finding a time that works out for you and for having a plan. :)

MNMSpecial said...

I feel like I have lost my mind and #4 isn't here quite yet. I wish I had a workout routine that involved a kid center...I'll have to check for that when I move.
Great Ideas! Thanks.

Shelley said...

Momnesia! I LOVE IT! I totally suffer from that!