Friday, November 19, 2010


ok so you all know that i made some lifestyle changes right?  Well anyway i have changed what i eat and one of those things I started eating instead of greasy fried chips was Popchips!  These chips are not fried or baked at all they are so super duper yummilicious its not even funny!  So what makes these chips so special you ask?  Well here are the facts :  The chips are made with pressure and heat and pop a chip is born!  They only pop in flavor and you will not even notice its a healthy snack.  And here is some nutritional info :each single-serve bag of popchips contains just 100 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. And the popchips are made from all natural ingredients :)  how about them apples? 

plus they have all sorts of yummy flavors :
original potato
After one delicious chip, you'll get why we call it "original."

barbeque potato
The tangiest barbeque taste this side of the mason dixon.

sour cream & onion potato
Creamy onion dip plus crispy chip minus guilt trip.

cheddar potato
A bagful of reasons to smile and say, "cheese."

sea salt & vinegar potato
The tangiest paring of flavors since, well, ever!

salt & pepper potato
Sea salt & fresh ground pepper — the adam and eve of flavor without the guilt.

parmesan garlic potato
The ultimate marriage of rich cheese and roasted garlic.

So why dont you guys go over to facebook and "like" popchips.  And if you do i have an incentive to get you to like them.  IF you go over to facebook and click like i will enter you into a drawing for a popchips box.  What is in the popchips box you ask?  Well i got one and it had snack sized bags of popchips that i slipped into my gym bag for an after workout snack and it had a coupon book for a couple free bags of chips and a couple bogos and then a couple 1 dollar off coupons.  Seriously that is big.  So here is the facebook link 
So go over there and like them then come back here and leave a comment so I can enter you into that drawing for a get popped box.   

And if you would like to get additional entries subscribe to my blog and leave a seperate comment telling me you did that.  and for an addtional entry follow me on twitter and leave a comment telling me you did that as well.  Anyway i have to tell you that  “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of popchips and received a “Get Popped” box of popchips and a $30 gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”  I would have done it for free because I love these popchips!

So get poppin' enter this drawing.  i will pick a winner on Black friday!  so Good luck and have a happy Thanksgiving.  


Jennifer said...

Love the BBQ ones...of course, they are the only ones I have tasted! :-)

Brandy said...

I Already "Like" Popchips on facebook! We are LOVE Popchips in our home!