Friday, July 17, 2009

Review of the Zing Zang Zoom Circus

OK so check it out, Last night I got to go to the circus. It was so much fun! My four kiddos had fun even the babies! Before the show we got to go down to the floor to check out the clown university and acrobats doing their thing, plus we got to see the elephant Asia paint her masterpiece before our very eyes! We did not get the opportunity to check out the clothing they had to try on because it was crowded but it was fun. They do that one hour before show time and I recommend that you go as early as possible to get the show experience.

The show was fun it lasted about 90 minutes and had one intermission. There was so much going on during the show my daughter didnt know what to focus in on when all three rings were in use. The songs were catchy for the show and still are in my head haha. I like the fact that the circus used their own band for the music as opposed to recorded music because it sounded better in my opinion. Some of the acts were really neat like the dog acts where the dogs were doing stunts and some were even in costume! That was my sons favorite part. They had the human cannon ball and of course some magic tricks that I won't tell because you guys have to go see it! I fully recommend going to see the show.

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