Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber!

Ok I had the opportunity to try the new Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber. It is so awesome and works effortlessly! As you know my husband is a Mechanic for a car dealer so when he comes home from work he has to hit the shower and maybe soak in the tub which leaves grease and grime that came from the cars. ewwwwwww! The scrubber took the grime out of my tub and my sinks from that toothpaste that someone and I will not say who, did not rinse all the way down the drain. Anyway I was amazed that my hands and arms were not sore after using this and I did not have to work as hard to get my tubs and sinks sparkly clean.

Read it for yourself if you do not believe what I say even though I speak the truth. I took some info from the scrubbing bubbles web site

Action Scrubber
Tear through soap scum and grime quickly and easily.

New Scrubbing Bubbles® Action Scrubber™ has a specially designed handle that's easy to grip and attaches quickly to a disposable pad. Each pad contains tiny scrubbing fibers and concentrated Scrubbing Bubbles® formula.

As you clean, the concentrated formula creates penetrating foam that loosens, dissolves and lifts away soap scum and grime in your tub and shower.

Remove the pad from the handle to clean tight spaces, like in corners and around shower fixtures. Action Scrubber™ cleans without gritty chemicals, so it rinses away easily, leaving a brilliant shine.

When you're finished cleaning, simply toss the pad in the trash along with the dirt and grime.

- Powerful cleaning with less scrubbing
- Concentrated cleaners rip through soap scum and grime
- Easy-grip handle flexes for curves and contours
- No more spraying or messy sponge to store
- Cleans without gritty chemicals so it rinses away easily, leaving a brilliant shine

Effectively Cleans
Shower Curtains,
Shower Doors.

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