Saturday, March 22, 2008

Townhouse flipside crackers

part pretzel, part cracker. I had the opportunity to try townhouse flipside crackers in cheddar flavor. When i say try i mean i only got one cracker out of the box because everyone in my home devoured the whole thing before i could get my hands on more. My husband opened them and I said hey can i get some so he hands me one. It was so yummy! I could have gone for this with a dip or something to spread like cheese or something but alone the crackers are so yummy! The cool thing is you look at one side and its a pretzel and if you flip it over its a cheddar cracker. Yes I am easy entertained but hey its cool I admit it.

here is a link to the nutritional information for the cheddar ones. They do come in plain cracker/pretzel as well.

here is a link for the plain cracker flavor too

Happy snacking!

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